MultiClean® Triple Play

3-in-1 Bio-Enzyme Carpet Cleaner

Triple Play is a multi-functional cleaner fortifi ed with enzymes and microbes to counteract malodors in carpet. Triple Play was designed with three diff erent carpet cleaning tasks in mind:

Extraction (2 oz/gallon)

Triple Play uses low-foam surfactant technology to eff ectively clean and destroy odors in carpet. Triple Play also contains enzymes and microbes that are left deep in the carpet fi bers to provide residual cleaning and deodorizing after extraction is completed. These microbes also enter your extractor’s recovery tank and help to prevent odor buildup in equipment.

Pre-Spray & Bonnet (16 oz/gallon)

Along with its enzyme-producing microbes, Triple Play also contains additional enzymes and solvents that provide quick and eff ective emulsifi cation of soils. This makes Triple Play eff ective as a carpet pre-spray prior to extraction. Pre-spraying with Triple Play allows the microbes and enzymes the time to eff ectively break down soils so they can be more easily extracted.

Spotting (Straight)

Triple Play’s combination of low-foam surfactant technology, enzyme fortifi cation, and water-soluble solvents make it a superb carpet spotter. Use Triple Play straight on tough spots like urine, food, dairy, blood, vomit, and sweat.

Data sheet
Please See the Attachments Tab for Data Sheet & SDS Sheet
Please See the Attachments Tab for Data Sheet & SDS Sheet