Buckets, Handles & Hardware

  • Divided well separates clean and dirty water for cleaner mopping; provides “ecofriendly” experience
  • Efficient wringer for use with up to 32 oz. mops; performs exactly like a downpress wringer
  • Large focused pour spout, easy lift handle with hand grip and built-in handle on back of bucket assist in emptying
  • Cleaner mopping provides “ecofriendly” experience
  • 32-quart bucket

This 20" pop-up safety cone wet floor sign will get the warning message out when there's a dangerous, slippery surface! Large profile, multi-lingual "Caution" message, and wet floor symbol, this safety cone is sure to be noticed. Pop-up design can be folded up when not in use and fit it into the included easy to store case. Sturdy, wide footprint keeps the sign in place.