Chem1® Easy Fresh Air Freshener Passive Dispenser

Our new Chem1® Easy-Fresh air care system delivers odor counteracting fragrance in an entirely new way! Our passive dispenser is mountable on walls, counters, and most surfaces for fragrance distribution. 

  • Capillary Fiber Technology
  • Holds and diffuses odor counteractant fragrance with out the need for fans, batteries or power of any kind.
  • Clean Handling from Shipping to Service
  • Refills will not leak, drip or spill in any position - even if squeezed! Refill cage prevents contact with liquid.
  • Outstanding End-User Experience
  • Upmarket fragrances and consistent performance for a full 60 days!
  • Small Environmental Footprint
  • Lasts 60 days!
  • Made from recyclable materials.
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