Lavender Geranium - Vectair® V-Air Solid Refill

Vectair® Solid Refill - Lavender Geranium Fragrance

  • VOC exempt.
  • Multi-phasing fragrance technology, fragrance subtly changes over 60 days to avoid fragrance fatigue.
  • Refills are made with Organic ingredients & are environmentally friendly. Ceramic cartridge, water based fragrance core.
  • No aerosols, propellants, solvents, batteries, gels, wicks or liquids.
  • ‘Sub-Micron Technology’; fragrance particles delivered at typically below 1.0 micron (<1.0μm). The olfactory sensors detect them easily and they remain airborne for a period long after start of air movement.
Data sheet
Please See the Attachments Tab for SDS Sheet
Please See the Attachments Tab for SDS Sheet

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